Denver’s own hip-hop duo Top Flite Empire teams up with fellow artist DNA on their newest single “Bombay;” describing the fast-lane lifestyle of being in the music industry being much like the infamous city of Bombay.

After the release of Beyonce’s latest album, “lemonade” has become synonymous with infidelity and betrayal.

Genuine, loyal relationships – romantic or otherwise – seem to be few and far between in the life of a rapper as temptation is at a constant forefront. Luxury Audemar watches are also referenced as a reminder of time – something that is relative for these hip-hop artists, with each city and show blurring into the next.

Hearing Hypnautic on “Bombay,” you feel he is raw and vulnerable while also understanding the sense of numbness in his eerily delivered verse. “Feel I might die from the life, drugs I cut wit’ a knife.

Love me ‘cause I be on top – I think she in love with the guap” is a testament to how easily hip-hop artists are caught up in the life of excessive sex, drugs, and alcohol. While being surrounded by those who are only drawn in for their own personal gain rather than the music or artists themselves, it becomes easier to embrace those vices than to seek something real.

As King Tef delivers his verse with his signature cadence and famous cackling laugh, he states “I be wherever them bands go. Hater’s don’t know what they mad for. Throwin’ shade, I’m shootin’ they shadow.” Those in the music industry are conditioned to chase monetary gains at any cost, while also being on the defense for critics and skeptics that may affect their hustle.

Contrasting the upbeat, party songs from “Bad Decisions” it is actually refreshing to hear an acknowledgement of the darker side of the music industry. With heavy bass and a trap-feel similar to “Conor McGregor,” Top Flite gives fans a taste of what’s to come on their upcoming album.