I’ve been getting a lot of request to post about Child Cancer Awareness Week, Tef and I did this shoot a while ago for the reason my son was in the hospital this last year for 181 days and had a stem cell transplant with symptoms and treatment very similar to Cancer. Sean Garris also beat cancer when he was younger and lost his brother.

The reason for the photo shoot is my son as well as most kids that have to wear a mask in public due to compromised immune systems are embarrassed. People stare at you when you look different and we’ve had situations where kids talk and make my son feel uncomfortable. So I challenge everyone to grab a mask, take a picture and let’s make it cool for the kids who have to wear one so they hopefully don’t have to feel as embarrassed.

For all who knew about what was going on, Thank you for your prayers he is doing much better but still has a way to go and for those who didn’t, Thank you for supporting my music and dreams for this is what has kept the bills paid and has been a major contribution to my sons survival.

Stay Blessed