Top Flite Drops New Single Bombay On KS1075

January 22, 2018
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Denver’s own hip-hop duo Top Flite Empire teams up with fellow artist DNA on their newest single “Bombay;” describing the fast-lane lifestyle of being in the music industry being much like the infamous city of Bombay.

After the release of Beyonce’s latest album, “lemonade” has become synonymous with infidelity and betrayal.

Genuine, loyal relationships – romantic or otherwise – seem to be few and far between in the life of a rapper as temptation is at a constant forefront. Luxury Audemar watches are also referenced as a reminder of time – something that is relative for these hip-hop artists, with each city and show blurring into the next.

Hearing Hypnautic on “Bombay,” you feel he is raw and vulnerable while also understanding the sense of numbness in his eerily delivered verse. “Feel I might die from the life, drugs I cut wit’ a knife.

Love me ‘cause I be on top – I think she in love with the guap” is a testament to how easily hip-hop artists are caught up in the life of excessive sex, drugs, and alcohol. While being surrounded by those who are only drawn in for their own personal gain rather than the music or artists themselves, it becomes easier to embrace those vices than to seek something real.

As King Tef delivers his verse with his signature cadence and famous cackling laugh, he states “I be wherever them bands go. Hater’s don’t know what they mad for. Throwin’ shade, I’m shootin’ they shadow.” Those in the music industry are conditioned to chase monetary gains at any cost, while also being on the defense for critics and skeptics that may affect their hustle.

Contrasting the upbeat, party songs from “Bad Decisions” it is actually refreshing to hear an acknowledgement of the darker side of the music industry. With heavy bass and a trap-feel similar to “Conor McGregor,” Top Flite gives fans a taste of what’s to come on their upcoming album.


Child Cancer Awareness Week

December 1, 2016
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I’ve been getting a lot of request to post about Child Cancer Awareness Week, Tef and I did this shoot a while ago for the reason my son was in the hospital this last year for 181 days and had a stem cell transplant with symptoms and treatment very similar to Cancer. Sean Garris also beat cancer when he was younger and lost his brother.

The reason for the photo shoot is my son as well as most kids that have to wear a mask in public due to compromised immune systems are embarrassed. People stare at you when you look different and we’ve had situations where kids talk and make my son feel uncomfortable. So I challenge everyone to grab a mask, take a picture and let’s make it cool for the kids who have to wear one so they hopefully don’t have to feel as embarrassed.

For all who knew about what was going on, Thank you for your prayers he is doing much better but still has a way to go and for those who didn’t, Thank you for supporting my music and dreams for this is what has kept the bills paid and has been a major contribution to my sons survival.

Stay Blessed

Music Video

“Choose Up” Music Video Release

November 25, 2016
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Sometimes its just easier to “Choose Up’. We were in the lab with our brother and new team member NaPalm and cooked up some heat that our family Larry Jayy (YG, Meek Mill, AD) sent over. We though that it would be perfect to do and given the timing we took the Mannequin Challenge to the EXTREME. So check out our new song “Choose Up” and as alway SHARE, COMMENT and LIKE! The visuals are by the best man for the job Jacob Fillmore and as always this is a Fogo Management Group production.

Thanks to everyone who came out and supported and who was a part of this! It was too fun!

Music Video

Music Video Shoot @ Mynt

November 16, 2016
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chooseupmusicvideoSo this Friday we are going to shoot a scene for our new music video “Choose Up” at Mynt Lounge Denver and since King Tef’s Birthday was so #LIT why not turn it into a party. If you want to be in video hit us (It’s not just a club song and club scene). Someone will send details, if you want to come party Re share, Comment, Like.

Music Shows

Last Night’s Show Was Epic!

October 28, 2016
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Much love to the fans and everyone who made this event as epic as it was. Next up catch us at Rawkus this Thursday performing with Kirko Bangz. photo by Nathan James Thanks for N2 Vapes and David Casares for sponsoring event.

Music Shows

Chillin Backstage with G-eazy

September 24, 2016
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We got to send out respect and a congrats to the homie G-Eazy for being one of the artist in 2016 to sell out Red Rocks the quickest last night. Our management Michael Gomez has been good friends with his squad for a while so to see his success up close grow so much the last few years is inspiring.

And Red Rocks we’re coming for you, we will sell you out before we DIE.

Squad Goals

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KS107.5 All Stars Performance Was LIT!

September 5, 2016
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The love we got yesterday was LIT, thank you Denver. Much respect out to KS1075 for inviting us back a second year and to the team that stands behind us to push us to the TOP we couldn’t do it without you. #rosehill #fogomanagement #topfliteempire photo by Nathan James

#LIT Loop N Joop OTFTM