Top Flite Empire, is the most significant hip-hop group to rise up from the Rockies.


Top Flite Empire has a diverse appeal, from coast to coast and across middle America. Uplifting and energetic, the duo has a lyrical and creative sound. Despite challenges faced by both members through their lives, they have turned their adversity into a drive and passion that feeds their music. Their backgrounds, stories, talent, and drive draw fans in and give them something to relate to and enjoy — something that takes them to a better place no matter what they’re dealing with in their lives.


DRIVEN. They know that success takes hard work and dedication, in addition to talent, and they aren’t going to stop until the whole world has heard their music. CREATIVE. They are constantly working on their sound — from the lyrics, to the bars, to the stories they tell — in order to create music that stands apart from the crowd. REAL. They have gone through situations which put life in perspective, and they came out on the other side knowing what’s important: being real, loving family, and using your talents to the best of your abilities. FUN. They love what they do, and they have fun doing it, and the fans can feel that when they’re on stage. Their live shows are electric.






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The debut album from Denver’s very own Top Flite Empire, is available right now for presale on iTunes. The 14 track album has features from stars like King Los, Problem354, Futuristic, Tdot illdude, Jarren Benton and AD. Not to be out done, TFE also enlisted help from most of the heavy hitters in Colorado. Black Pegasus, Trev Rich, Mr. Midas, Sp Double, A Meazy,
ItsEvi, Cnoteshce and D-A-Dubb are also on the full length album.

Adrian Swish said “This is the most complete and commercially viable project ever put out by a Colorado rap group”. say “This is one of the best debut albums that we heard from a duo in a long time”

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