King Tef, born Sean Garris, began his life as an entertainer at the age of 5. However, due to a life threatening illness at a young age, Tef was hospitalized and unable to perform for a period of time.

Using his unfortunate illness as fuel and motivation, he bounced back and started work on perfecting his craft. Tef went on to win flourish as an entertainer, winning numerous high school talent shows, local talent shows, and performing at an array of local Colorado events.

While Tef always enjoyed entertaining the crowd, it wasn’t until his brother’s untimely passing that he decided to take up rapping.  Rap was his brother’s favorite hobby, and Tef found himself drawn to his brother’s craft in his absence. He started to make music with a small group of friends he grew up with. After a long stint as a group artist, Tef decided to try his hand at being a solo artist.

After receiving positive feedback on a single he created, Tef decided he would produce an entire demo. Not wanting to get wrapped up in his newfound love of rap and find himself failing in his college life, Tef carefully balanced school and creation of his first solo work. Under this firm belief that education comes first, Tef worked around his school schedule and was still able to create his first product by the time he graduated from Colorado College.

Tef released his debut demo, Playa 101: Class is in Session. The album showcased his talent as a superb lyricist, and also proved that a new sound in hip-hop was emerging out of the Rockies. With his creative metaphors and confident persona, Tef received overwhelmingly positive responses to his debut demo. Tef followed up his demo with his debut album: Hip Hop A.D. (Hip Hop After Death) – The Rise 2 Power. Tef took to the pavement and independently distributed and promoted his album.

From that point on, Tef, along with Rockies hip-hop artist and business partner, Hypnautic, created Top Flite Empire – a Denver-based, independent record label. Top Flite Empire expanded, with the help of Fogo Management Group to create an entertainment juggernaut in the Midwest region.

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