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Brian David Godeaux, better known by his stage name Hypnautic, is an American rapper from Denver, Colorado. His stage name was given for his ability to lead with his words, commanding presence, ability to inspire and his powerful influence. He captured Colorado after releasing two mix tapes, one solo album entitled Purple Rain (2010) and a group project with Top Flite, Return of the 4 Horseman (2011).

With Cajun roots, Hypnautic was born and raised in Denver, Colorado and attended public schools. Tragically, his life took an emotional turn when two days before his high school graduation, one of his closest childhood friends died during a round of Russian roulette. This event was the first domino in a series of heartbreaking life events, including the passing of several others close to him and his drifting between Texas and Colorado trying to establish a “home”. Hypnautic finally decided to settle in Colorado, and he headed straight to the studio to pursue his love of music. Music not only became his escape from a troubled path, but was also a form of therapy for him. Music saved his life.

As an entrepreneur, Hypnautic used his keen business and hustling skills to network with the right business partners and eventually established Top Flite along with fellow rap artist, King Tef. Hypnautic is strongly influenced by artists who exhibit passion, realness and keen business savvy, such as Jay Z, 50 Cent, Strange Music, 2pac and Eminem. Although he can fly solo as an artist, Hypnautic is dedicated to the musical collaborations within the collective of powerhouse of singers, emcees and producers that is Top Flite.

Exhibiting strong confidence and superior talent, Hypnautic lives to rock sold out shows of thousands of people and being featured on television and radio. Whether its opening concerts for seasoned vets like Cee Lo Green, Techn9ne, Bone Thugs n Harmony, Sean Paul or collaborating on tracks with Johny P from Do or Die, Young Bleed, or Bizzy Bone, Hypnautic is methodical and consistent with his hustle and grind. Hypnautic is poised for a breakthrough moment.

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